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Overhaul of the governor or actuators will be performed keeping manufacturer’s recommended steps for this procedure as well as the best marine practice, in clean environment and tidy workshop equipped with all necessary tools and equipment:

(a) inspection and registration to our data system after delivery to workshop and testing on test bench “as received” to acquire as much as possible information about condition of governor or actuator. Some cases adjustments of the governor can differ from original values in this case Customer will be informed and adviced to make decision regarding final adjustments;

(b) next will proceed disassembling to single parts and cleaning, preparation for inspection;

(c) cleaned parts are carefully inspected, defect report created and sended to Customer;

(d) after Customer confirm the defect report defective parts to be replaced by new, governor assembled;

(e) assembled governor fitted on test bench and fully tested and adjusted as per Manufacturers requirements or Customers instructions. Rare cases necessity of additional repairs can arise during testing on test bench, Customer will be informed separately if such happens;

(f) After governor or actuator passes the tests, it is finally checked visually and for free movement of shafts, painted and stickers attached;

(g) governor is ready for installation, boxed and shipped to Customer.

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